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Knight Stick
Protects Zoo Animals

A Cost Effective way to Reduce Pesticide Use
Safe for Animals and the Environment

Low frequency sound and visual cues attract Biting flies

Knight Stick Biting Fly Trap is the best device available to control Biting Flies, such as Stable Flies, Deer Flies, no-see-ums and other biting midges. Knight Stick uses a pesticide free, unique method of low frequency sound and visual cues to attract and trap annoying pests. Knight Stick can reduce your need for and the cost of spray or broadcast pesticides.

The black and white striped pole of the Knight Stick Biting Fly Trap functions as a resonator and visual cue. When insects are captured on the "sticky" resonator wrap, they struggle and emit vibration energy. This energy is amplified by the resonator to attract other insects.

USDA Tests show Knight Stick Works

Tests by the USDA Research Services in Gainesville, Florida prove Knight Stick Biting Fly Trap is the most effective biting fly trap available for catching stable flies. It significantly outperforms other commercial fly traps. It is the preferred fly trap at the University of Florida Gainesville, Horse Farm. In addition to stable flies, Knight Stick Biting Fly Trap also captures green heads, yellow flies, deer flies, thrips, black flies and no-see-ums.

Environmentally Safe, Pesticide Free, Non-Toxic, No Electronics

Knight Stick glue is a non-toxic, long lasting and rain-proof adhesive. It contains no pesticides and is odor free. If accidentally touched to skin, hair or clothing, the glue is easily removed by wiping with a cloth containing a small amount of olive oil or baby oil. Knight Stick is ideal for use near young or injured animals, where the use of a pesticide spray is not advisable.

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Setting up your Knight Stick

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KnightStick protects lions

Help maintain the health and comfort of your animals without contaminating the environment.
Every Knight Stick comes with
three resonator wraps.

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