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Knight Stick
Protects Camels

KnightStick protects goats and sheep

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! That's what I have to say about the Knight Stick! Before I started using this product we had a horrendous fly problem. Now we have almost NO FLIES!

I own a family farm with 25 horses, 2 camels, goats and sheep. The flies were disgusting. Now, with very little maintenance you can see the flies attracted to the Knight Stick. They stick to wrapper and you simply throw them away, no smell no mess.

It's wonderful because thousands of flies get thrown away every day. Thank you so much for this great product I highly recommend. :) Everyone should have one.

Debbie Kafka
Kafka Farms And Equine Services
901 Valley Road
Watchung NJ 07069

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KnightStick traps blood sucking Biting Flies