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The following two paragraphs are excerpted from the Encephalitis Information System website.

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The Encephalitis Information System (EIS) is a service to the public produced and maintained by the University of Florida, IFAS, Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory. The purpose of the system is to provide general information on encephalitis, to provide up-to-date reports on the status of the various encephalitides in Florida, and to help the reader understand the true significance of the data presented in this site, or elsewhere.
We also aim to be an educational resource on the subject. Our kids page, designed for primary students and teachers, includes various activities to help children learn about encephalitis and about mosquitoes in general. Other sections of this page provide information aimed at adults. Our contacts page contains links to other related sites, and contact information for agencies involved in disease monitoring, prevention, and research

Biting Flies courtesy University of Nebraska

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photo Stable Fly
photo Yellow Fly
photo Deer Fly The top two flies are stuck on Home&Garden wrappers. Note the blobs of glue